The famous Chisholm Trail gave us the reputation, "Bloody Newton, the wickedest town in the West."

The Atchinson, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway established a railhead for Texas cattle at Newton in 1872. Gunslingers, gamblers, "soiled doves," cowboys, railroad men; Denizens of every kind roamed the streets.

When the cowboys moved west, homesteaders turned the surrounding prairie into the "Breadbasket of the World." The area boasts one of the largest Mennonite populations in the country. Visitors will find warmhearted, courteous, and friendly people in Newton, well-known for their graciousness and good cooking.

Western hospitality and the rugged pioneer spirit live on in our festivals, attractions, and historical sites. At Trails Park, one can still see the swales created from trailing over a million Texas Longhorn cattle and tons of freight.